Air Lookout: Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

There is no personal information that Air Lookout collects. Air Lookout does log which air quality stations are being read. We do not collect or save user location data with this information. Futhermore, it is not possible to discern or triangulate the user’s location with this information (only the closest station is marked as being read).

Your Location

Air Lookout does use your location to determine what the nearest station is. This information is sent to the Air Lookout server but it is not recorded or stored. Additionally, Air Lookout uses low accuracy location services when sending information to the Air Lookout server (accurate to within a kilometer). All of this data is encrypted and sent over a secure HTTP connection.

To display your location on the map tab, a higher quality location service is required, however this information is not shared with the Air Lookout app itself or servers as this is a feature of the Apple Maps API that Air Lookout uses.

The Air Lookout app stores your last known (accurate to within a kilometer) location to provide a faster startup on app launch. This information does not leave your device. There is not a history of locations stored. Only the last location is stored. No other apps have access to this information. This information is deleted when Air Lookout is deleted.

Air Lookout will never sell or share your location information to third-parties.

Personally-Identifying Information

Your preferences for Air Lookout are stored only on your device. This information is not sent outside the app and can not be seen by anyone working for Air Lookout.


Air Lookout does not record or log any user activity, preferences or personal information for analytics.

The Air Lookout server keeps a log of how often each air quality station’s data is accessed.

Deleting Your Information

By deleting the Air Lookout app, you will be deleting all stored preferences and data stored by Air Lookout.

Data Share With Outside Parties

Air Lookout does not collect or share any personal data or preferences with outside parties

Your Consent

By using Air Lookout you consent to our Privacy Policy.

Changes To This Policy

Air Lookout may change its Privacy Policy occassionally. Your continued usage of Air Lookout constitutes your acceptance of these changes.

  • December 20, 2018: First published.

For any questions or comments, please contact or via twitter @airlookout. Be sure to look at our Privacy Policy.

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