Air pollution can be a problem anywhere, not just areas of high population or industry. That is why there are over 2,500 EPA air quality stations across North America. It is important for people everywhere to easily find and understand air pollution levels. Unfortunately, most people remain unaware of their local air quality because the data is not accessible or approachable. Air Lookout aims to change that.

  • Air quality should be simple, but it is usually very confusing. Every local government has their own website or app, often in different units and sometimes using different scales.
  • Understand the pollutants and their risks. With an easy to access definition of each pollutant in clear English, it will be easy to understand where each pollutant comes from and the health risks.
  • Information for pregnant or at-risk groups. Anyone with a high sensitivity to air pollution will clearly understand when they are safe or at-risk to spend time outside in their area.
  • Know when to exercise and make sure that you are not endangering you or your families health. With a straightforward safe, caution or unsafe rating, Air Lookout makes the decision easy.
  • Be aware of the air quality near you. By using your location, Air Lookout will find the closest air quality stations and report what the conditions are nearby even while traveling in North America.
  • Includes Canada and Mexico with more air quality stations being added every month.

Top Features

  • Provides simple and concise definitions of all pollutants and air quality terms
  • See a ranking of the best and worst cities in North America
  • Monitors PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, Nitrates, Sulfides, Carbon Monoxide and more
  • 12 total pollutants can be monitored from supporting air quality stations
  • See a ranking of the best and worst cities in North America
  • Shows the Air Quality Index in official EPA levels that are easy to understand
  • Uses the EPA color coding for the Air Quality Index
  • Access to over 2,500 air quality stations in North America
  • 2,276 air quality stations in the United States
  • 213 air quality stations in Canada
  • 29 air quality stations in Mexico
  • Data is provided by the United States EPA
  • Know when it is safe to exercise outside
  • Hourly reports of air quality from the closest monitoring station
  • Provides a two day forecast (where supported)
  • Air Lookout includes and supports: Apple iPhone app, Apple Watch app and Today Extension

For any questions or comments, please contact or via twitter @airlookout. Be sure to look at our Privacy Policy.

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